apexvs.com After the first composter filled with garbage, let the trash for 4-6 months for a process of composting. When the garbage has turned into compost which is marked by changes in color to black like soil, compost remove them using a rake, leaving 2 cm thick compost that will serve as a starter for composting accelerate further. Compost dianginkan for 1 week for cooling in a location away from the rainfall. Compost can be used as a bulking tanah.Selanjutnya first composter can hold back the kitchen garbage. The provisions of this composter same operation, both for the individual and communal composter.

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So TTG can reduce pollution, save energy, easy, and fast. We can save other materials to preserve the environment for our children and grandchildren someday. The materials for the manufacture TTG cheap, accessible, inovative, creative, supportive TTG to be tricked again.

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