Household composter apexvs is infrastructure that is used to process kitchen waste into compost. Kitchen organic waste is organic waste generated from the kitchen include food scraps and leftover vegetables. The working principle of decomposition of organic waste with the help of microorganisms from waste itself.

Prepare soil for planting apexvs composter at possible locations are available locations for the installation of 2 pieces composter to be operated alternately, to avoid the rain which can directly get into the composter composter and the distance to the source of shallow ground water of at least 10 m to avoid contamination ,
Dig the soil, with the size and depth of the excavation in accordance with the model dalamPetunjuk Technical Specifications Domestic Composter Individual and Communal. Basic composter is at least 30 cm above the groundwater level. Ground water level can be determined based on the water level of wells in the surrounding area during the dry season.
Put a composter in the middle of the excavation. At the base of the excavation on the edge and inside the composter is filled with pebbles the size of 1-2 cm thick as 10 cm.
Blanket gas pipe with gravel thickness of 5 cm new backfilled with native soil.
Composter piled with soil about 5 cm below the entry hole garbage